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From January 2013 to January 2014, Colby Virtue served as an account worker at Victory 500 Marketing. In his role with the Southern Pines, North Carolina, company, he worked in various areas of client support, with a focus on raising brand awareness and improving client-to-consumer outreach. More recently, he has shifted his attention to community work and engagements with national nonprofit organizations such as Kids Across America (KAA). Through his work as a board member with KAA, Colby Virtue helps to support and develop America’s future generations of Christian leaders. Mr. Virtue has also authored a devotional book, which he has submitted for publication.Beyond his charity work and activities as a writer, Mr. Virtue leads an active lifestyle. His preferred pastimes include playing lacrosse, riding horses, and hunting foxes as a member of the prestigious Moore County Hounds hunting society.